Spreaker Added New Season and Episode Tags to iOS 11

Spreaker has made changes that allow you to manage every detail of your podcast. You can now add iOS 11’s New Season and Episode tags to your podcast episodes.

Now, thanks to updates introduced with iOS 11, the presentation and production choices you make will be clearly displayed in Apple Podcasts. And to facilitate the matter, we at Spreaker have added new settings that, when applied from the CMS, will come through as tags in your RSS feed’s metadata. Your seasons, episode order, and episode labels will all appear to listeners tuning in through Apple Podcasts.

Spreaker points out that if your podcast is serialized, it is important for listeners to start with the oldest episode (meaning the episode in the series that was produced and released first). The series tag alerts listeners that they shouldn’t listen to the newest episode in the series before getting the full story from the previously released episodes. The tag helps them know where to begin.

Go into the Spreaker CMS and choose how you want your episodes to be sorted. Pick Episodic if you want your episodes to be sorted from newest to oldest. Or, select Serial if you want your episodes to be sorted oldest to newest. With this feature, you have the added bonus of applying these changes to your podcast on Spreaker as well as Apple Podcasts.

In addition, the Spreaker CMS allows you to label your episodes by type. Use “Full” to let your listeners know that an episode is a full, regular, episode. You can use “Trailer” for the short, explanatory episode you release first. Choose “Bonus” to alert your listeners to episodes that are extra content.