60dB is Shutting Down

If you visit the 60dB website, you will see a message titled “Goodbye”. It is unclear how long that message will remain, because the company behind 60dB has become part of the team at Google.

60dB was an app that was designed to bring people today’s best news and stories. It was created by Tiny Garage Labs.

The app featured timely, personalized stories on the topics that people cared about. Originally, 60dB was an iOS app. (At the time I am writing this, it is no longer possible to download the app from iTunes.) Later, 60dB became available on Android, the web, Alexa, Android Auto and CarPlay.

The “Goodbye” message from 60dB, which was posted on October 10, 2017, is where the co-founders of 60dB announced that they will be shutting down 60dB on Friday, November 10, 2017. They also announced that they would be joining the team at Google.

As we considered next steps for 60dB, we came to the conclusion that to accomplish our goals we’d be better positioned if we joined someone with scale who shared our vision for what was possible with digital audio.

The 60dB app will soon be gone, but a handful of the stories have been saved. Members of the 60dB editorial team picked some of their favorite stories from the 60dB app and put made them accessible on Medium. It is called The 60dB Archives.

TechCrunch reported that a Google spokesperson confirmed to them that Google had “purchased some assets” of Tiny Garage Labs, and that members of the team would be joining Google.