Oxford Writers’ House has a Podcasting Workshop

Oxford Writers’ House was launched in the Spring of 2016 as a hub for the writers in the universities and city of Oxford. On their website, they offer resources for authors of all backgrounds, provide Oxford-based academic and creative writing support, and more. Oxford Writers’ House has a Podcasting Workshop.

The workshop is titled “Writing for Audio Drama and Podcasting: an Evening with Robert Valentine and Liz Campbell”. It will be held on November 8, 2017. The workshop will take place in Oxford in the United Kingdom. You can book tickets now.

75 million people listen to podcasts every month. With huge audiences and low production costs the audio drama and podcast form are becoming an increasingly tantalizing form to writers wanting to tell the very best stories to a huge and engaged audience.

Attend the workshop to find out about the opportunities audio drama brings to your writing. It will also teach you all about writing, commissioning, producing, and how to get inspired to write some of your own audio dramas.

Although the Oxford Writers’ house is primarily aimed at helping writers, this specific workshop could also provide inspiration and assistance for podcasters who want to create an audio drama. There is an art to it that is not the same as doing a podcast where two or more people discuss the news of the day.