PodCon has Released an Agenda

PodCon is a podcasting conference that is the result of conversations between Hank Green, Joseph Fink, Jeffery Cranor, and Travis & Justin McElroy. The purpose of PodCon is to be a place where people who really get into podcasts can be together for a couple of days. PodCon has released an Agenda that shows what to expect each day.

PodCon will take place on December 9-10, 2017, in the Washington State Convention Center, in Seattle, Washington. Those who purchase tickets to PodCon can register on December 8, 2017.

Events in the Agenda are subject to change. Each day includes Creator Chats, Meetups, Workshops, and select Signings, which are available to all ticket holders who participate in the lotteries.

Here is a little bit of the Agenda for December 9, 2017:

* The PodCon Opening Show, and the LORE podcast, will be on the main stage.

* Panels include: “Let’s Talk About Networks”, “We Love Communities” and “Creating a Story Together”

* Workshops include: “You Like Podcasts?!: Deaf Accessibility in Audio Narratives”, “Writing Compelling Characters and Scintillating Stories” “Podcast Equipment, Recording, and Editing 101”, “We’ll Do It Live!” and “Voice Acting Workshop”

* There will also be Podcasts, Signings, Creator Chats, and Meetups.

Here is a little bit of the Agenda for December 10, 2017:

* Panels include: “How to Create Straight Characters”, “Everybody has a Podcast”, “Diversity and Inclusion in Tabletop Gaming”,“Translating a Podcast to a Live Show” and “Serial Fiction Storytelling”.

* Workshops include: “Interviewing 101 with RadioActive Youth Media”, “Brother, Can You Spare a Microphone? Your Library Is a Podcasting Hub!”, “Writing Feedback Session”, “Your Next Five Years: Monetization, Community Building, and Social Media” and “Not Gay as in Happy: Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces

* There will also be Podcasts, Signings, Creator Chats, Meetups, and more.

For more details about the Agenda, as well as the tickets, sponsors, featured guests, and hotel and travel options, visit the PodCon website.