The Butterfly Effect is Now Ad Supported by Midroll

Midroll was born from the recognition that great hosts thrive when they can focus on their shows, and advertisers benefit when they can work with a professional sales team. Midroll announced that The Butterfly Effect with Jon Rohnson has started its free ad-supported run with Midroll.

Host and producer Jon Ronson is known for his best selling books, like “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, his TED Talks, and his appearances on This American Life. The critically acclaimed The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson is a seven-part series that is available on The podcast debuted there in August of 2017.

This artfully produced documentary charts how one small isolated action can trigger seismic changes. In this case it’s the story of how a German teen obsessed with free pornography went on to acquire a Montreal-based YouTube-style porn site, in turn, affecting the entire pornography industry, altering the lives of those working within it.

The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson obviously contains adult subject matter. The description of the podcast on Audible says “free for a limited time”. Audible is offering it for free to those who sign up for a free 30-day trial. I’m going to assume that those with an Audible subscription might be able to get it for free as well. For everyone else, the podcast is $24.95.

Episode 2 of The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson is about three women who desroy a mysterious Norwegian man’s stamp collection. In episode 3, the topic is about a woman who became convinced that she played a part in a murder committed by an Italian priest. Episode 4 focuses on a boy in Oklahoma who is forced to move to a house at the very, very edge of his town.