Gretta is the Social Platform for Podcasters

Gretta is a social platform for podcasts. Gretta provides podcasters with a way to make their listeners more engaged. It is currently in alpha, so you may have seen some podcasters using it on social media.

Podcasting is exploding, but it could be growing even faster. Compared to written content, photos, and even videos, podcasts are not easily shared on social media platforms.

Even if you send a podcast link to a friend, for example, its hard for them to know what’s inside the full-length audio link they just received, and they have to decide if they want to try to skim through it and find the part you wanted to share.

Gretta makes podcasts instantly skimmable by syncing podcast audio to a text transcript. Once you have a transcript, you can easily select a short snippet of the podcast and share it to your favorite social networks.

Gretta is currently in alpha. They have done early tests with podcasting partners and found that sharing a short clip of podcast content with text and audio increased average listening engagement 10x over just sharing links on Twitter and Facebook.

Podcasters who want to partner with Gretta can fill out a form on the Gretta website. Gretta will get back to you with the details. In addition, there is also a Gretta Newsletter you can receive in your inbox.