Gumroad is Changing Their Fee Structure

Gumroad tweeted on December 8, 2017, that they plan to drop their transaction fees entirely in the coming months. That tweet included a link to the Patreon tweet where Patreon announced they were updating their fee structure. It appears that Gumroad was influenced by Patreon to make their own changes.

Those who receive email from Gumroad may have already gotten their email that has details about upcoming changes. If not, then you are likely to get that email soon. A portion of what was in the email was posted in a tweet on Gumroad’s Twitter account.

In the email, Sahil and the Gumroad team note that Patreon’s changes “caught a lot of creators off guard”. The purpose of the email is to share what’s coming up on their roadmap.

First off, we’re working to disentangle payments from Gumroad. Currently, customers pay us and we pay you. That means: weekly payouts, a higher fee (we need to cover our operational costs), and no flexibility (if PayPal offers a lower fee, you can’t take advantage of it directly.)

Going forward, we will allow our premium creators to plug in their own Stripe (credit card) and PayPal accounts. Then, we’ll stop taking a transaction fee, so all you will pay us is the $10 (or so) a month.

Simply: you will get paid instantly for every transaction the second it happens, and Gumroad takes nothing from you.

In addition, they plan to open source Gumroad. It is a long-term project, so I wouldn’t expect that to happen soon. Gumroad also pointed out that they are profitable now, and that the last three months have been the best three months in Gumroad’s history.

It is clear that there are a lot of people who are displeased with Patreon’s changes to their fee structure. Gumroad appears to be making it known that they are an option for people who are leaving Patreon or who want an additional resource for monetizing their content.