Forecast is a Podcast MP3 Encoder with Chapters

Forecast was created by Marco Arment. It is a Mac MP3 encoding and tagging tool for podcasters. It started out in beta, and is now available to everyone. Forecast is a tool that can save time for podcast producers.

The last thing podcast producers need is more tedious, manual steps to publish each episode. Forecast automates common workflows and saves time even if you never use chapters. And if you want to add chapters, it has never been easier.

Forecast has an autofill function that embeds artwork, title, and description in each MP3. Name your input files with the same prefix and numbering system each time (for example: atp100.wav, atp101.wav) and Forecast will automatically fill in the title, artwork, and episode number.

Forecast has a chapters function. Podcasters do not necessarily need to use Chapters if they do not want to. It is possible to use Forecast just for the autofill function.

If you do use the Chapter function, Forecast will remember and autofill the most recently used URL and/or image for each chapter title, saving you a bit of time if you have repeating chapters over multiple episodes or between multiple shows.

I recommend visiting the Forecast website to get the full details of what it can do. I listed just a couple of things here in this blog. Forecast is free. The latest version for macOS is Version 0.9 (123). You can download it from the Overcast website.