Podclipper Makes Podcasts Sharable

Podclipper is a software product that podcasters can use to create clips from their podcasts. The clips are easily sharable on social media, which potentially could get the attention of new listeners.

Podclipper leverages your transcripts to enable your listeners to share their favorite segments in bite-size pieces.

Podclipper makes your podcast inherently sharable and lowers the barrier to engagement with your content.

Podcasters who use Podclipper can customize its theme to match their own brand. It has a theme builder feature. The clips can easily be shared to social media in an eye-catching card format. Podclipper’s proprietary technology automatically syncs your transcript and audio.

One interesting thing that Podclipper can do is repurpose your transcripts as a sharing engine for audience growth. Using a transcription service can be expensive, so it makes sense to get as much use out of your transcripts as you can. You will need to supply Podclipper with your transcripts – but do not need to supply them with timecodes.

Podcasters can make use of a 30-day free trial of the Podclipper Classic plan to get a feel of how it works and to see how well it grows your audience. After the free trial ends, there are three plans you can subscribe to: Minimal ($29/month), Classic ($49/month) and Unlimited ($99/month). Visit the Podclipper website for more information.