Nintendo Released the Nintendo Power Podcast

Nintendo of America has launched the Nintendo Power Podcast. Those of us who recall flipping through the Nintendo Power magazine back in the day, in search of the latest news about Nintendo’s games, will probably want to check out the new podcast version. One of the things Nintendo does extremely well is evoke nostalgia for their products.

Nintendo of America released the very first episode of its new Nintendo Power Podcast. With Nintendo Power Podcast, Nintendo employees, developers, and special guests discuss the world of Nintendo – from Mario to the Legend of Zelda, and everything in between.

The first episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast was released on December 20, 2018. In the debut episode, host Chris Slate looks back at the Nintendo Switch system in 2017 with Kit Ellis, co-host of Nintendo Minute, and Damon Baker from Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo of America.

Host Chris Slate then discusses the development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the game’s producer, Mr. Eiji Aonuma and director Mr. Hidemaro Fujibayashi.

The second episode was released on January 25, 2018. Following the announcement of Nintendo Labo, host Chris Slate discusses what it’s like to build Toy-Con with gusts Krysta Yang, co-host of Nintndo Minute, and Nate Bihldorff, Senior Director of Localization at Nintendo of America.

The group also recommends games they’ve been enjoying, answers listeners questions, and takes this month’s Warp Zone game quiz.

The Nintendo Power Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and YouTube and is coming soon to Google Play Music.