Bumpers is Shutting Down

Bumpers.fm is shutting down. Ian Ownbey, co-founder of Bumpers.fm, has a post on Medium that explains more about why they are shutting down both Bumpers.fm and Captioned.

Sadly we need to start the process of shutting down Bumpers & Captioned. We have been working to broaden podcasting for the last 3 years now and but due to lack of growth and funding we aren’t able to continue any longer.

They will leave Bumpers up until March 6, 2018. On that date, Bumpers will go into read-only mode for at least 60 days. Bumpers.fm strongly encourages people to move their content off of Bumpers (or download it locally) before March 6, 2018.

Captioned will be removed from the app store immediately. It will go into read only mode in 30 days.

Those who need to move their content off of Bumper.fm should read the Medium post for details about how to go about doing that. Their information explains a bit about how to move your Bumpers.fm feed to another host. It also has links that will help you download individual episodes. The Medium post also includes some suggestions for where to host your content.