Limor is a Social Audio App

Limor is a brand new social media platform. It is a social audio platform that combines the best aspects of social media with audio and podcasting into a new form of media. Limor allows the user to record, edit, share, and listen to audio content and podcasts instantly from their smartphone.

You can download the Limor app for free. As far as I can tell, it is iOS only (and requires iOS 8.0 or later). It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Use the Limor app to make your Limor profile. The podcasts you create on it are put into an archive called Casts. It will have all of your own personally crated podcasts that you shared on the Limor app. Another archive, called Likes, contains all of the social audio casts that you have liked. You have the option to share your location when you create a cast.

The Discover page is the heart of the Limor app. All the latest news, trending tags, and content are located here. As affiliates of Limor, Ambassadors can utilize this resource to promote their casts and profile. It is a highly targeted marketing tool for driving traffic and building awareness.

Recording in Limor is simple. Tap the microphone icon to start. It takes your recording and creates a podcast ready MP4. Once recorded, that MP4 can be edited (if necessary) inside the Limor app. You can share your cast with the Limor platform when you are ready to do that.

Limor has an audio commenting feature. To use the feature, tap the “add a comment” field underneath the cast you want to comment on. It is possible to leave a text comment. Or, you can use the microphone and record an audio comment which will be instantly shared and added to the thread of existing audio and text comments.