Con Before the Storm Prepares for its 6th Year

Con Before the Storm is a pre-Blizzcon event that is organized by fans, for fans. It is currently on Kickstarter and (at the time I am writing this) has $11,882 pledged of a $13,500 goal.

Wondering what Con Before the Storm is all about? It’s a pre-Blizzcon event organized by fans, for fans. 2018 will make this our 6th year hosting the event and it’s all thanks to the support of the amazing community! Last year we had over 140 backers who helped fund a party that hosted over an estimated 6,000 people!

Con Before the Storm is for fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s games. The event takes place the night before BlizzCon. It is a free event that includes World of Podcasts – which typically includes panels of people who are involved in podcasts about Blizzard’s games.

I have attended two Con Before the Storm parties, and had a great time at both. One of the best parts of the event is that it is an excellent place to meet podcasters who focus on Blizzard’s games, streamers who play those games on Twitch, eSports personalities, and the people you’ve been playing video games with. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to view fan art from talented artists.

The Con Before the Storm Kickstarter has a $24,500 tier. If that tier is reached, Con Before the Storm will be able to make this year’s World of Podcasts a reality. Their vision for World of Podcasts 2018 is to showcase the talent in two rooms, with panels running concurrently from start to finish. It appears that part of their goal is to be able to have every panel equally equipped for recording and presentation this year.