Win a Trip to Podcast Movement 2019

Podcast Movement 2018 will take place on July 23-26, 2018. Tickets are available through the Podcast Movement 2018 website. They are already planning ahead for Podcast Movement 2019 – by kicking off their 28 Day Challenge.

The Podcast Movement 28 Day Challenge offers people an opportunity to launch a brand new podcast. Those who participate will have the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Podcast Movement 2019. The 28 Day Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to start their first podcast.

Why join the 28 Day Challenge?

  • Take your podcast from zero to launch in just 28 days
  • Learn the basic steps to getting your podcast started
  • Join hundreds of other soon-to-be podcasters in the private Facebook group
  • The chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Podcast Movement 2019.

There are four steps to follow. The first one is to let Podcast Movement know that you are participating in the 28 Day Challenge. You can do that by clicking a button on their website that is called “Take the Challenge”.

The second step is to follow the Daily Steps. When you sign up to participate in the 28 Day Challenge, you are asked to give Podcast Movement your email. This enables them to send you a daily Step or Tip email, each of which is designed to help walk you through the steps of taking your podcast from zero to launch.

The third step is to let Podcast Movement know how you think you’re doing. They want participants to be active in their private online community. Everyone can work together.

The fourth, and final, step is to show Podcast Movement what you made. Send them information about your new (live) podcast. They will share that information with the Podcast Movement community. Doing so could result in giving everyone in the group new listeners.

Podcast Movement will select 1 winner out of the podcasters who complete the 28 Day Challenge. That winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Podcaster Movement 2019. Two Grand Prize winners will win a PM 19 Pro Pass. Two Second Place Winners will receive a standard PM 19 Pass. Everyone who completes the 29 Day Challenge will get some amazing PM 19 gifts.