Medium Launched the Medium Playback Podcast

When you think of Medium, the first thing that likely comes to mind are the stories and articles that various writers post there. Some of those posts include audio, but many do not. People go to Medium to read interesting pieces of writing. As such, it may sound surprising that Medium has launched its own podcast.

Medium Playback is going to incorporate stories that have been posted on Medium. It is an interesting way to repurpose content that is already on the Medium website. A brief description of this new show is: “Medium’s first-ever podcast features your favorite writers, in their own words.”

Hear some of the best stories on Medium, straight from the authors who wrote them. On each episode of Medium’s flagship podcast, we invite an author to the studio to perform a recent story they wrote for Medium and then talk about it. Hosted by journalist Manoush Zomorodi and writer Kara Brown, Playback features insightful, first-person stories on timely topics affecting the world today – and then gives you the story behind the story from the writer.

This is not a new technique – Modern Love: The Podcast (from The New York Times) is composed of stories that were published in the weekly New York Times Modern Love column. One difference is that Modern Love the Podcast has celebrities read things that were written by other people.

Medium Playback will be publishing new episodes every other Wednesday this summer. A trailer has already been released.

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