Patreon Streamlined Workflow

Patreon announced a new way to manage and track what you deliver to your patrons. It allows creators to say goodbye to spreadsheets, and puts tools into Patreon that can help them keep track of fulfilling what they promised to their patrons.

Patreon asked creators how they define “success”. The answer was that many creators felt that success include three key ingredients: more time to create, deeper connections with their fans, and reliable monthly paychecks.

Now, the benefits you owe to patrons will automatically appear in a digital to-do list so you can easily keep track of all your deliverables. This will help win back the hours you used to spend in spreadsheets so you can get back to creating.

Those who use Patreon can set up the digital to-do list in minutes. The Patreon blog walks you through how to do it. In short, you start by selecting which benefits to track. Then, the next time one of your patrons qualifies for something you’re offering, a new to-do list will appear in the “Benefits” area of your sidebar.

Patreon says that the new streamlined workflow will help ensure that you delight your patrons and never keep them waiting. Running a more dependable membership business will help retain long-term patrons who trust you and look forward to the special things that you deliver them each month.

Podcasters can use the new tools on Patreon to keep track of which patron gets what and at what time. For example, if you offer a benefit to patrons that allows them to receive your podcast earlier than non-patrons, the in-Patreon spreadsheet will help you sort out which patrons to make that available to.