Subscribe to a Podcast from the Beginning with Cast Rewinder

Cast Rewinder is a service that is currently in beta. It makes it easy for you to subscribe to a podcast from its beginning. This can be extremely helpful for podcast listeners who want to start listening to a podcast that has been producing episodes for several years.

A website called runs Cast Rewinder, which was created by Joachim Robert. The idea originates from Brendan Hutchins in the podcast Bitrate, in the June 29, 2018, episode.

Every so often I discover a podcast that sound really great, but it has been publishing episodes for so long that it’s a chore to go back at the beginning.

Now with Cast Rewinder on you can subscribe to that podcast and get updates, starting from the beginning. You can set the frequency (monthly, weekly, daily… and even on specified days of the week) and other options, like the feed format or at which episode in the feed to start your discovery.

To use Cast Rewinder, go to the form on the Enter the URL for a feed, or an iTunes or SoundCloud address, and start receiving episodes from that podcast from the beginning.

The data (the podcast feeds) that is collected, mirrored and transmitted by belong to its original owners. No RSS feed or any feed content are claimed by the creators and maintainers of

Personally, I think Cast Rewinder is an excellent idea. I am someone who has a tendency to fall behind on listening to podcasts.

There have been times when I considered subscribing to a new one, but didn’t because I felt like I would be missing out on significant information if I didn’t start at the beginning. It is not always possible to go back and get older episodes of a podcast. Cast Rewinder sounds like a good solution for this problem.