SquadCast Updated its Features

SquadCast enables podcasters to do remote interviews, in studio quality, from anywhere. The SquadCast Platform connects podcast hosts and co-hosts. It also helps with scheduling.

SquadCast helps podcasters to schedule recording sessions, invite guests with emails or links and organize recordings. It offers HD interviews that are recorded in lossless WAV.

Scheduling interviews with Guests was always part of the vision for SquadCast. They have moved away from the full Calendar page where Sessions could be scheduled that was in the beta app based on feedback from podcast hosts.

We moved forward by ditching the Calendar page & enhancing the scheduling flow within Studio. This improved the overall experience by removing any need for navigating between two pages. Hosts are either in Schedule or in Studio & switching between the two became seamless.

SquadCast has landed on a design improvement that called for adding two tabs, Future & Past, to the schedule. The Future tab is sorted in chronological order and the Past Tab is sorted in reverse, ensuring sessions stay organized.

Other features include:

Quick Session: A button that automates the scheduling process and joins you to the session immediately.

Request Backups: A button right within the Recordings panel that, when clicked, will open a dialog where SquadCast asks for some contextual info that’ll help them to move faster. Once submitted, a support ticket is opened with the SquadCast team that is pre-populated with session info.

Podcasters do not need to copy and paste the Session ID into the Intercom. SquadCast typically turns around a request for backups within a few hours.

Session Invite & Update Emails: SquadCast has decided to not only tailor email invites to Hosts and Guests, but also to send emails when a Session is updated. This ensures that everyone stays in sync and that all calendar events stay up-to-date as the Host dials in Session details.