Con Before the Storm Revealed World of Podcasts Participants

Con Before the Storm is a fun event that takes place the night before BlizzCon. Part of the Con Before the Storm event includes World of Podcasts. This year, over 55 podcasts are being represented for 2018’s World of Podcasts.

Full disclosure, I will be attending Con Before the Storm this year and representing the Shattered Soulstone podcast (which is about Diablo III) in a World of Podcasts panel. I am not being paid to attend the event. This is just for fun.

There are several World of Podcasts panels that will be happening before and after BlizzCon 2018. The first two panels will be live on

Pod Before the Con – Blizzard (October 28, 2018, 4pm ET)

  • The Bard’s Tavern– Jay the Bird
  • Freezing Nomad Podcast– PerfectNomad
  • Kulle Story Bro– Dean
  • Off Curve – Steve Lubitz
  • Realm Maintenance– Rho
  • The Sundering– Ceraphus
  • Technically PVP – Andallyn
  • The Nexus Trolls– Aurumis

Pod Before the Con – Warcraft (October 28, 2018, 7pm ET)

  • All Things Azeroth– Medros
  • Dungeon Fables– Aliandras
  • FrazlCast– Frazley
  • Halfhill Report– Toshmifune
  • Unshackled Fury– Berzerker
  • WoW Challenges– Stone
  • WoW! Talk!– Nick Zielenkievicz

BlizzCon Kickoff & Podcasting (November 1, 2018, 5pm-6pm, Anaheim Hilton)

  • Azeroth Coast to Coast– Akari
  • Convert to Raid– Pat Krane
  • Well Met!– J.R. Cook
  • Dark Moon Herald– Kevin Oldscratch
  • Lagging Balls– Thyst
  • The Starting Zone – Spencer Downey
  • Westmarch Workshop– Leviathan

Heroes of the Storm (November 1, 2018, 6:15pm – 7:15pm, Anaheim Hilton)

  • CORE– Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger, and Beau Schwartz
  • Gankbush Squad– Bacon
  • Heroes News– Jules Scott
  • Lords of the Storm– Ryan Reider and Gizmo
  • Into the Nexus– Kyle Fergusson

Hearthstone (November 1, 2018, 7:30pm – 8:30pm Anaheim Hilton)

  • Around the Hearth– Adam
  • Blizzlet– Stormraige
  • Coin Concede– RidiculousHat
  • The Happy Hearthstone– Andrew Brown
  • HearthCasual– Kevin Ellis
  • Legend of the Innkeeper– Espo
  • Value Town– Chris Chan

World of Warcraft (November 1, 2018, 8:45pm -9:45pm Anaheim Hilton)

  • Azeroth Roundtable– Ben Bumhoffer
  • Countdown to Classic – Josh Corbett
  • For Azeroth!– Jocelyn Moffett
  • Merely a Setback– Shoeboots
  • The Training Dummies– Rob
  • The Tauren & The Goblin– Katie Grace
  • The Worgen’s Howl– Frostee

Overwatch(November 1, 2018, 10pm – 11pm Anaheim Hilton)

  • Enter the Iris– Icy
  • It’s High Noon Somewhere– Blevins
  • Omnic Lab Podcast – Rob May
  • The Owl Recap– Andres
  • Overwatch League Network– Totemlydrunk
  • Watchpoint Radio-Bob Schissler

The Storm (November 2, 2018 – Time and Location: To Be Announced)

  • Behind the Avatar – Leeta
  • The Cavalry– Melisaa Schissler
  • Corpse Run Radio– Grandnagus
  • The Game Case– Cuddles
  • Hero Power – Zerotio
  • PWNCast– Belle
  • Shattered Soulstone– Jen
  • Twister Nether Blogcast– Hydra