Kim Komando Show Seeks a Podcast Writer/Producer

The Kim Komando Show is seeking a talented podcast writer/producer. The project is described as “not for beginners”. Applicants should be someone who knows how to write conversationally for the ear, and is a true storyteller.

We provide the topic (tech-related), you research it, interview the appropriate people including nationally recognized newsmakers or experts, write it, edit the audio and copy, and prep it for V/O. We put all the elements together on our end.

They need someone with experience “writing around actualities”, and they do not have time for major rewrites. The ideal person is intuitive, resourceful and knows now to honor deadlines. The final podcast time averages 16-18 minutes.

It is worth knowing that the position(s) are for freelancers. The pay is $275 for each approved script with actualities. The freelancers would have to sign an agreement to insure ethical standards and best practices, and would also have to send them an invoice.

For more information, including what they would like you to send them in a cover letter, please visit the Kim Komando Show website.