Overcast has been Improved

Overcast 5 has been improved for Apple Watch. Marco Arment, creator of Overcast, stated in his blog post that: “Overcast’s previous Apple Watch app really sucked.” He was able to make improvements to it after watchOS 5 was released.

Some improvements include:

Auto-Sync to Watch: This feature automatically tries to send your most recent podcasts to your Apple Watch whenever it gets a chance. “Just pick up your Watch and go”. This feature prevents the problems of having to manually sync anything and waiting for slow transfers.

Watch-crown volume control: The new design maintains the same scrollable pages of the previous version of Overcast 5, but they are now obvious, tactile cards. This design is more discoverable.

Search: You can search your podcasts and current episodes from the main screen, or go into a podcast’s screen to search its entire archive.

Siri Shortcuts: and support

For full details, you should go check out the blog post by Marco Arment. He suggests that you update your devices and then go get Overcast. I think these improvements have the potential to make life much less frustrating for people who like to listen to podcasts on their Apple Watch.

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