Post Reports is a New Podcast from The Washington Post

The Washington Post is launching a new podcast called Post Reports. It is set to launch on December 3, 2018. It is a news podcast that, unlike others, will not be posted in the morning. Post Reports will publish each weekday at 5pm EDT.

Each twenty-minute episode of Post Reports will be composed of multiple segments, offering savvy observations on news developments, a behind-the-scenes look at how stories were reported by Post journalists and, at times, lighter subjects that offer some relief.

Digiday reported that Post Reports will be The Washington Post’s first multi-part daily podcast. Each episode will have three segments: a “newsiest” segment, followed by a deeper dive segment, followed by a lighter segment.

There is reportedly a team of eight people who will be working full time on the Post Reports podcast. This includes five new audio producers who were hired specifically for this podcast. Based on the information about this new podcast from the Washington Post, it appears that Madhulika Sikka might be the executive producer of Post Reports.

Those who are interested in Post Reports can sign up to be notified when the first episode is released.