Pandora Officially Announced Podcasts on Pandora

Pandora announced that they now have podcasts on Pandora. They have over 100,000 episodes across a wide variety of genres including News, True Crime, Sports, Comedy, Music, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Kids, Health and Science.

Pandora users will have podcasts recommended to them via Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project. It can also recommend specific podcast episodes to users based on each person’s individual tastes.

Interestingly, the information Pandora released includes a little bit about how to get your podcast on Pandora. There is now a form that can be filled out by those who run a podcast network or those who own and host a podcast themselves. Previously, it appeared that Pandora was only accepting podcasts from the networks they had partnered with.

Filling out the form means your podcast will be considered to be published. It is not a guarantee that your podcast will be on Pandora. Be aware that Pandora takes some time to review and approve podcasts. They do not want you to submit the same podcast twice.

When your podcast is approved, Pandora will send you an email from their Content Partnerships team with the next steps. Once your podcast feed has been “onboarded”, subsequent podcast episodes will automatically be added to Pandora.