Podcast Websites Introduced Podcast Design Studio

Podcast Websites introduced Podcast Design Studio. It is a fixed price graphic design service just for podcasters. It was created by Rebel Base Media.

We’ve been piloting Podcast Design Studio for the last 18-months internally at Podcast Websites, designing hundreds of brands, podcast covers, websites and more for our Podcast Websites members looking for more of a “white-glove” service.

Each item that you commission is done on a fixed-price basis and you’ll work with a designer one-to-one so that you can be sure that you know exactly what you’ll receive and when.

The following designs can be commissioned from Podcast Design Studio:

  • Podcast logo art
  • Logo design
  • Branding upgrade
  • Show level social media pack
  • Episode level social media promotional pack
  • Single, bespoke social images
  • eBook (full)
  • eBook (cover only)

Podcast Websites members can also commission the following:

Full custom website design & build using the Podcast Websites platform

  • Landing page design
  • Website content input

For more information, visit the Podcast Websites post.