Glitch is Hiring a Producer and a Podcast and Video Editor

Glitch describes itself as “the friendly community where you can find the best stuff on the web”. Glitch is hiring a Producer, and is also hiring a Podcast and Video Editor. You can apply for either position directly through the want ad. Both positions are based in Glitch’s office in Lower Manhattan.

Glitch is looking to hire a Podcast and Video Editor to work with their brand new media network and their inclusive and diverse growing portfolio of podcasts, videos, and livestreams.

As a podcast and video editor, you’ll work with our Media team and be directly responsible for taking raw audio and video and polishing them into any number of finished packages for distribution – podcasts, creator videos, audiograms, and more.

The Podcast and Video Editor will:

    • Follow detailed edit notes from producers, including adding additional audio and footage when necessary
    • Edit raw audio and video mixing and rendering them into different packages, such as podcasts and YouTube and videos for social media
    • Repackage current media into new formats (e.g, videos to podcasts, podcasts to videos)
    • Collaborate with Marketing, Partnerships, and other departments and external partners on media-related tasks
    • Contribute to editorial discussions with the Media team and external partnership

Glitch states that the compensation for this position is $65,000 – $75,000 annually in addition to equity and a full suite of benefits. For more information, visit the Glitch want ad.

In addition, Glitch is also interested in hiring a Producer. Glitch says it has one of the top tech podcasts in the world, and one of the most recognized design podcasts ever. The Producer will join a team that will help continue that streak of creating high-quality, well-produced media for Glitch’s audience.

The Producer will:

      • Identify, pre-interview, and book potential guests
      • Pitch story ideas and decided on editorial angles of stories and interviews
      • Record interviews, coordinate tape syncs (when necessary), and provide coaching and input to the host and guest(s)
      • Provide detailed edit notes on stories at different stages of production
      • Write and edit scripts for show hosts (including ad reads), show notes, transcriptions, captions, and audio and video descriptions

The compensation for the Producer position is $75,000 – $85,000. For more information, visit Glitch’s want ad about the Producer position.