ZCast Announced End of Broadcast

ZCast announced that after four years, they have decided to end their ZCast journey. They have provided some instructions for podcasters who have content on ZCast and who want to download it or move it elsewhere.

ZCast said that the decision to end ZCast was not an easy one. By way of explanation, they wrote “Unfortunately, startups are sometimes unpredictable and things change in rapid speed, at times for the best, but too many times for the worst.”

Those who have podcasts on ZCast need to be aware that ZCast will run in a minimal capacity between now and the end of January 2019. After that, it will shut down indefinitely.

There is now a download feature that enables users to download any content that they recorded in ZCast. To download an episode, users need to go to their personal ZCast page and use a button that is next to each episode to locate the “Download MP3” option.

Users who have an entire RSS feed are asked to choose a new hosting provider for their podcast, and then look at that host’s instructions on how to import an existing RSS feed into their platform. ZCast has more details about how to find your old RSS link on ZCast.

It is always a good idea to set aside time that you can dedicate to getting your content off of a hosting provider before it shuts down. Don’t wait until the last minute. There is an email address on the ZCast blog post that users can use if they have questions or concerns.