PodX 2019 will be in Nashville

PodX 2019 will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 31- June 2, at the Music City Center. Tickets are available now. PodX 2019 is described as “the podcast convention you’ve been waiting for!”

PodX brings together your favorite networks, podcasters, and podcasts, from true crime and politics to pop culture and storytelling, all in one incredible weekend. Explore the world of podcasts, experience panel discussions and live shows, learn from experts, and expand your knowledge of the evolving art of podcasting, all at PodX.

There are approximately 50 featured presenters listed on the PodX 2019 website. At a glance, you can see a photo of each presenter, their name, and the name of their podcast. There could be more presenters added – and some might change – between now and the conference.

Presenters include:

  • Western Sound – Ben Adair
  • PotterCast – Melissa Anelli, Frank Franco III, and John Noe
  • Mission to Zyzz – Jeremy Bent, Alden Ford, Allie Kokesh, Seth Lind, Winston Noel, Shane O’Connell, and Moujan Zolfaghari
  • Oh No Ross And Carrie – Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy
  • Undisclosed – Rabia Chaudry and Susan Simpson
  • Variety’s Stagecraft – Gordon Cox
  • Always Open – Barbara Dunkleman and Producer Mariel Salcedo
  • Who? Weekly – Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber
  • Crime Writers On… These are Their Stories – Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie
  • The Polygon Show – Allegra Frank, Producer Ross Miller, Ashley Oh, Simone de Rochefort, and Chelsea Stark
  • The History Chicks – Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider
  • CEO of Pocket Casts – Owen Grover
  • True Crime Obsessed – Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle
  • Accused – Amber Hunt
  • Says Who? – Maureen Johnson and Dan Sinker
  • Last Name Basis – Patrick Kondas and Franchesca Ramsey
  • Nancy – Tobin Low and Kathy Tu
  • Creator of Lore, Cabinet of Curiosities – Aaron Mahnke
  • Mother May I Sleep With Podcast? – Nicole Mathew and Molly McAleer
  • Bear Brook – Maureen McMurray, Jason Moon and Taylor Quimby
  • My Favorite Murder – Producer Steven Ray Morris
  • The Hamilcast – Gillian Pensavalle
  • The Bright Sessions – Lauren Shippen
  • The JV Club – Janet Varney
  • Netflix’s You Can’t Make This Up – Rae Votta
  • Girl in Space – Sarah Rhea Werner