Podcast Keeper is Shutting Down

Podcast Keeper posted a shutdown notice. If you have a podcast there, you may want to contact Podcast Keeper about how to move it to somewhere else.

Podcast Keeper will be closing its doors on August 1, 2019. We are sorry to announce that Podcast Keeper will no longer be supporting publisher tools as of August 1, 2019. Over the last year we worked hard to make our service thrive unfortunately we were unable to make it successful. Thank you for choosing to publish your podcast with us.

Podcast Keeper recommends Anchor.fm for publishing. Those who have questions for Podcast Keeper can contact them through an email that is on their shutdown announcement page. Anchor, as you may know, was recently acquired by Spotify.

Anchor has information about how to switch your podcast to Anchor. One option is to redirect your old feed to Anchor. Doing so enables listeners to hear your new episodes. You can also import your podcast episodes to Anchor.

If you aren’t interested in Anchor, there are plenty of other podcast hosting companies to choose from. Do some research and find out what they charge and how to move your podcast there. If you want to continue the podcast you put on Podcast Keeper, you need to find it a new home before August 1, 2019.