CBC Podcasts Seeks Producers, Hosts, and Comedy Pitches

CBC Podcasts’s diverse and award-winning collection of series is growing! They are looking for highly-skilled and creative audio producers to work on short-term projects and pilots.

This is an opportunity for freelance producers, podcasters, and current CBC staff to pitch ideas and/or themselves. We are always on the lookout for potential show-runners, narrative-driven storytellers/script writers, chase producers and researchers who have demonstrated experience in audio mixing and sound design.

They want to hear from experienced folks with the following:

  • A university degree or college certificate, or equivalent training
  • Three years minimum of work in audio production
  • Audio storytelling production experience, including multi-episode narrative content, journalism and critical thinking
  • Track record and commitment to creating exceptional, high-quality workplaces
  • Proven ability to work independently and also in teams
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A creative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • The ability to manage time and priorities independently
  • Knowledge of podcast content and industry trends
  • Ability to generate original, enterprise journalism

CBC Podcasts is also looking for comedy pitches. Here are their criteria for what makes a good comedy pitch:

  • Original ideas that are fresh and surprising
  • Talent that can pull it off. Show us your take on what’s on paper and turn it into radio or podcasting gold. Include links to work that show your ability to execute.
  • Long legs. We want concepts that won’t run stale and can continue for multiple seasons.
  • Regular releases. For radio, we’re looking for weekly shows, usually 30 minutes long. For podcasting, at least 20 episodes a year.
  • Understand the audio space and audiences. You have a firm grasp on whether radio or podcasting will be the best medium for your idea. Ideas that can succeed on both are welcome but not a prerequisite.

Visit the CBC Podcasts website for more details, including where to send your cover letter and resume, and the learn about the pitch process.