10er is an Alternative to Patreon

10er lets fans support their favorite projects with automatic, recurring donations. You can let your content stay free while letting your loyal fans contribute with their credit cards everytime you publish. In my opinion, 10er is an alternative to Patreon.

Here is a quick look at how 10er works:

  • You find a podcast that you enjoy and that you want to contribute to.
  • You sign up on 10er with a pledge to support that podcast. It appears that your pledge can be $1, $2, $5, or $10. Pick an amount, and that is what you will pay per episode to the podcast you want to contribute to.
  • The podcaster receives donations from their listeners through 10er. This enables the podcaster to continue making podcast episodes.

There is a list of all the projects that are on 10er. Many are podcasts, most are Danish. Some are blogs, some are videos and one is a poet.

Here are a few things to know about from 10er’s FAQ:

  • 10er is for recurring donations. It is not for one-off donations.
  • 10er keeps 10% of a donation (plus VAT where applicable) and the projects pay the processing fees.
  • 10er charges once a month per subscription for the previous month’s creations.
  • It is possible to change or cancel a subscription.
  • It is possible to delete your account.

Podcasters who are not happy with Patreon might want to consider giving 10er a try. 10er is made, run and used by Brainbox, Mikkel Malmberg as a company. It is an open start-up that posts how much money it makes and what some of that money goes to.