Pod Mini is a Pop-Up Soundbooth

Does the ambient noise in your home cause problems when you want to record your podcast? Perhaps the Pod Mini is something that can help with that. It is a pop-up soundbooth that can be placed over you and your equipment while you record. PodMini is on Kickstarter. At the time I am writing this post, it has 10 days to go.

The Pod Mini was designed to be a pop-up soundbooth, for shared work areas or travel requirements podcasters often run into, such as podcasting on-site during events.

While the Pod Mini isn’t 100% sound proof from exterior noise (this is physically impossible in a portable unit), the quilted interior fabric in the walls dampen exterior sounds and echo from inside.

The Pod Mini is large enough for a small desk and stool. Or, you can put Pod Mini over the top of you sitting on the ground. There is no floor in the Pod Mini, so it’s easy to pop over and start recording. The size is 120cm x 120cm x140cm. There are ventilation windows on top to ensure air flow for the podcaster’s comfort.

The Pod Mini might be a good option for podcasters who are currently attempting to turn a closet into a tiny recording studio. It also could be useful for podcasters who need to record on location at conferences or other important events.