She Podcasts Live has a Kickstarter

She Podcasts Live is the women’s podcasting event. Whether you just love to talk or want podcasting to be your career, you belong here. She Podcasts Live is on Kickstarter. At the time I am writing this blog post, it has 21 days to go.

Join your fellow women podcasters for a weekend of learning, camaraderie, and belonging as you learn the core skills and aspects you need for every stage of podcasting. You’ll hear from women who have been successful podcasting ON THEIR OWN TERMS, who have done things THEIR way and will teach you how to do the same.

The event is intended to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11-13, 2019. She Podcasts is seeking a $25,000 goal.

She Podcasts is a network of over 12K podcasters that identify as women and may or may not be career podcasters, or “corpcasters”. She Podcasts wants to host this first event to provide a space “for all of us side-hustling podcasters navigating our work in a male-dominated industry.”

Any gender identity and/or expression is valued and this event is targeting those that don’t fit the dominant avatar of podcast hosts, aka men. She Podcasts will provide a safe space for non-binary podcasters, cisgender women as well as trans women to thrive in a safe space.

They are planning on having three to four separate tracks for women in all different parts of the podcasting journey. Those tracks are called Start, Refine, Grow, and Accomplish. Each track will include sessions that speak to the skills for each phase as well as the mindset and energy that needs to be present in order for that phase to be conquered.