Twitter’s Character Count Podcast is About Advertisements

Twitter has launched its first podcast. It is called Character Count and it is about Twitter’s most interesting advertising stories. It is a @TwitterBusiness podcast, and its target audience appears to be companies who either want to post ads on Twitter, or who already are posting Twitter ads.

Effectively advertising on Twitter isn’t always easy. On each episode, we’ll feature a different brand who is creative, surprising, and effective with their Twitter Ads campaigns. Listen and subscribe for world-class marketing inspiration straight from the source – Twitter.

TechCrunch reported that Twitter is testing the waters with Character Count. The company intends to get the crowd’s reaction to the first few episodes so it can make adjustments if need be.

Character Count is hosted by Joe Wadlington. TechCrunch reported that he is a marketer at Twitter who’s specifically supporting Twitter’s Business initiatives.

At the time I am writing this podcast, there has been a teaser episode, and two full episodes. The first one focuses on the Monterey Aquarium (@MontereyAq) which uses memes to raise ocean awareness.

The second episode focuses on Dropbox (@Dropbox) and how they build warmth with their customers. An upcoming episode will feature Simon and Schuster (@SimonBooks) and discusses how the company brought a legacy brand online.