ART19 Completed IAB Podcast Measurement Compliance

ART19, a pioneer in dynamic ad serving and data targeting, is now IAB Tech Lab certified for the new 2.0 measurement guidelines for reporting podcast downloads, impressions and listeners.

ART19 is excited to be one of the few hosting and monetization companies officially certified by the IAB Tech Lab. IAB version 2.0 is a guarantee ART19 is measuring podcast metrics related to content and ad delivery with a uniform, standardized approach defined by the IAB. This additional rigor ensures ads are delivered in their entirety and specific thresholds are met when measuring content.

“We are excited that adoption of the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines is gaining momentum and that ART19 is among a group that is taking the lead by having their implementations certified,” said Dennis Buchheim, SVP and GM of IAB Tech Lab. “Through the compliance process, we’re validating that there have been a number of inconsistencies across companies and that the guidelines will significantly benefit the industry by enabling participants to speak the same language.”

Long time ART19 customer Hernan Lopez, Founder & CEO of Wondery, commented “We’ve long been supporters of the IAB V2.0 standard, and commend ART19 for becoming IAB V2.0 certified.”

“We continue to best serve our publishing clients in giving them best in class metrics and reporting,” says Dan Jeselsohn, SVP of Digital Technology of ART19. “We also know these guidelines will help advertisers reach more listeners with ease. They can operate with comfort and scale knowing there is a transparent methodology for measurement being followed.”