Audioburst Launches Audioburst Studios for Apps and Website Integration

Audioburst announced the launch of Audioburst Studio, a quick, free, and easy-to-use SaaS platform that developers and non-developers alike can use to integrate the Audioburst experience – short form audio content playlists filled with the best moments from podcast and talk radio into their websites and apps.

After logging into the Audioburst Studio users are presented with a simple 4-step wizard to help them create an integratable audio player into their apps and websites. The platform offers pre-built playlists, as well as “Build Your Own” option, letting users take advantage of short-form audio-talk clips or “bursts” from more than 4,000 radio stations or podcasts, and 100 different topics and categories, including sports, news, entertainment, business and local traffic and weather.

Audioburst’s uniquely curated audio content is proven to increase users’ time spent and experience satisfaction on partner apps and devices, and this comes at a time when 200M smart speakers are expected in-home by the end of 2019 and the interest-in and creation-of podcast content is exploding.

Studio-generated players and playlists can be integrated into Android and iOS apps via SDK, as well as to web and mobile sites using a simple javascript embedded code or APIs. Users will be given access to powerful analytics capabilities that provide insights including number of listeners, number of bursts played, listening duration, and distribution by device and location.

Those who embed the player will also be given the ability to monetize an aggressive share of Audioburst’s revenue. In the coming months, Audioburst will release an update to Studio that includes Amazon Alexa and Google Home skill integrations.

This news comes on the heels of a $10M+ pre-Series B round including partnerships with Hyundi Motor Company for their new in-car experience and Dentsu, for a custom voice content ad solution, both expected to come to fruition in the coming year. Audioburst also has partnerships with major brands including Bose, Samsung, Harman, Bytedance, and others who have long understood the benefits of providing users with audio-based content in a world that’s becoming increasingly screen-independent.