SquadCast Introduces SquadCast v2

SquadCast LogoPodcast recording platform, SquadCast, has launched its second version – SquadCast v2. It is designed to empower podcasters and their guests to record high-quality remote interviews that listeners love.

With the popularity of podcasts blowing up all over the world, audio quality has never been more important to podcasters and listeners. Poor audio quality can distract and reduce credibility. SquadCast provides a quality-first remote interview platform that is designed to capture conversations that sound like they were recorded in the same room.

SquadCast has launched the second version of their podcast recording platform. The update includes:

  • Recording high-quality audio for professional podcasters and their guests
  • Mobile and Cross Browser support
  • Flexible pricing with Hourly & Monthly options

More information can be found here.

Podcast guests are remote and mobile. The new SquadCast is launching with full support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave on Desktop and Mobile on Android.

Remastered recording experience. The new SquadCast has been completely redesigned for Mobile and Desktop. The new SquadCast removes all friction from connecting hosts and guests with a redesigned joining experience that reduces six clicks down to one. The new SquadCast features both light and dark modes, emoji, gifs, and maps to add some fun and aid in communication,

The first version of the platform was released in January 2019. After the version two release in July, they will be adding a video recording feature in Q4 2019. In Early 2020, they will release a Network experience for teams with multiple podcasts.

The feedback from podcasters, guests, and listeners are very positive. One online review reads, “I love SquadCast. I show up, hit record, conduct my interview, and leave with great audio that makes editing easy and fun. “ – Liz Covart, Host of Ben Franklin’s World.

The goal of the platform is to empower podcasters to record remote interviews by delivering a simple, reliable, and high-quality experience, designed to always capture your conversations listeners love.