Cosmopolitan Launched a Podcast with Tinder

Cosmopolitan and Tinder have teamed up to make a branded podcast called Single, Swipe, Repeat. It launched on June 24, 2019. At the time I am writing this blog post, there have been 9 episodes released.

On June 24, Tinder and Cosmopolitan launched “Single, Swipe, Repeat,” a branded podcast about dating, hosted by Cosmopolitan relationships director Faye Brennan. Cosmopolitan will promote the show across its surfaces, including its owned and operated properties, its social channels and its magazine; a full-page ad promoting the show appears in the current print issue.

Digiday reported that Cosmopolitan was paid a flat fee to produce the show. Moving forward, Cosmopolitan hopes Single, Swipe, Repeat, along with their own strong digital reach, will put them in a position to make more podcasts, in-house. Cosmopolitan hired an outside production company to make Single, Swipe, Repeat.

Digiday also reported that in 2016, Tinder connected with Gimlet Creative (Gimlet’s brand studio) to produce a show called DTR: Define the Relationship which ran for two seasons.

Episode 1 of Single, Swipe, Repeat features Polly Rodriguez, CEO & cofounder of a sexual wellness company called Unbound. She and host Faye Brennan talk about Polly Rodriguez’s time spent as Senate intern, and they also discuss power dynamics in relationships.

Episode 9, (the most recently released episode as of the time I am writing this post), features musician Bryce Vine, who muses on his experiences living and loving in Los Angeles. The episode also includes two Tinder uses, one who talks about a date that ran away from her, and another who discusses loneliness.