Blubrry Partners with AudioTech for Podcast Editing

Blubrry Podcasting, providing hosting, statistics and more, recently partnered with the audio engineering company AudioTech, an extensive podcast editing service. Podcasters hosting with Blubrry will receive an exclusive discount for any and all AudioTech editing services they purchase.

It’s a simple process: Blubrry podcasters can reach out to the AudioTech team and discuss what they’re looking for to improve their audio files. AudioTech will edit out ums, long pauses, background noise, add intros and outros, etc. and then return a new file to clients, ready to upload to Blubrry.

“It’s common for podcasters to ask us for editor suggestions and we’re excited to finally be working with a team that does just that,” said MacKenzie Bennett, marketing service coordinator at Blubrry.

Multiple examples of edited files can be found on AudioTech’s site. To learn more about the new partnership and get started, visit Blubrry Partners and AudioTech.

Personally, I am able to create intros and outros and edit the unwanted sounds out of my podcasts. This is likely because I started podcasting in 2005, and have had plenty of time to hone those skills.

New podcasters, however, may be overwhelmed by having to learn how to use audio editing software, and figuring out how to remove ums and long pauses without making mistakes. I think what Blubrry and AudioTech are offering to Blubrry podcasters will help a lot of people make their podcasts better.