Stitcher Redesigned their Homepage

Stitcher has “totally redesigned” the Stitcher homepage to be a destination for your favorite podcasts and for discovering new ones.

Our team has spent the last few months designing, interviewing listeners like you, and doing a lot of coding to come up with a brand new home page design that we can’t wait for you to use.

It seems to me that the redesigned homepage is aimed at people who listen to podcasts on Stitcher, and not necessarily people who have their podcasts on Stitcher. That said, there is some overlap in the two groups, because many podcasters listen to other podcasts.

Here are some major changes to the homepage:

Continue Listening: This feature lets you easily pick up where you left off on episodes you haven’t finished listening to yet.

Shortcuts: Easily access your Downloads, Episode Playlists, and Favorites using the buttons at the top of the homepage.

New Episodes From Your Show: There is now a “New Episodes From Your Show” section. It is where you can tap to listen to the latest episodes from shows on your playlists.

Easier Podcast Discovery: At the top of the home page, there is a showcase of featured shows. Plus, there are sections all down the page with various collections of shows to discover.

It appears that Stitcher has created a home page that is flexible and that will be adaptable over time. They point out that they can add and rearrange sections to keep things fresh. Stitcher says they will continue to make updates to it.