Adblock Radio is an Adblocker for Live Radio Streams and Podcasts

Adblock Radio is a service that lets you listen to your favorite broadcasts while being able to choose if you want to hear ads – or if you do not want to hear ads. It was created by Alexandre Storelli.

Adblock Radio detects audio ads with machine-learning and Shazam-like techniques. The core engine is open source: use it in your radio product! You are welcome to join efforts to support more radios and podcasts.

Adblock Radio was built to enable listeners to skip ad interruptions on their favorite webradios. The algorithm is open source. Those who are interested can read more about that in the Adblock Radio website.

Alexandre Storelli gives some explanations about why he created something that would block ads. First, there’s the loudness war. Storelli wrote: Advertisers exploit auditory artifacts, such as dynamic range compression and equalization to make their ads stand out of those of others despite not being mathematically louder.

He also feels that ads try to trigger impulse buying by exploiting our emotions and serendipitous discovery, short circuiting our rational thoughts. He feels that these mind tricks are manipulative and disrespectful.

It seems to me that podcasts that are played on radio stations are likely to be the most affected by Adblock Radio. Many people who listen to their local radio station’s podcast, while it is being broadcast live, have heard some very loud ads in between the content. But, Adblock Radio could also affect podcasters who have too many ads in their shows.

Overall, the purpose of Adblock Radio is not to force podcasters, and podcasts that are on the radio, to lose their monetization. Alexandre Storelli hopes it will instead “help companies to develop alternative business models for radio and podcast lovers who do not want ads.”