Period Tracker App Clue Announces Launch of Hormonal Podcast

Hello Clue, the world’s fastest-growing female health app with more than 12 million users in over 190 countries, announces the launch of its podcast, Hormonal. The weekly podcast, hosted by author Rhea Ramjohn and produced by Kassandra Sundt, formerly of Gimlet and WBUR, will explore the different ways in which hormones affect our lives.

The first season will aim to solve the mystery of hormones. Each week, Rhea Ramjohn will be speaking to scientists, doctors, and health experts, delving into questions like: what are hormones? And why saying “she’s being hormonal” makes no sense. With the help of guest experts, Rhea will also explore the different ways in which hormones affect various aspects of our day-to-day lives – from skin health, through to stress levels, culture, and sports performance.

The first episode of Hormonal, featuring guest expert Randi Hutter Epstein M.D. M.P.H, of Yale University, will look at the history of hormones, and the one-hundred-year-old science of endocrinology. Future episodes will explore the different ways the menstrual cycle affects the appearance and elasticity of the skin, how pollution can change the body’s responses to hormones and whether PMS is real, or the result of sexism.

Guests include medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Tiffany Clay; Dr. Virginia J. Vitzhumn, Kinsey Institute Senior Scientist, Clue Director of Scientific Research, and Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University, and Yale’s Katrina Karkazis.

Kassandra Sundt, executive producer of Hormonal, comments: “Podcasts are immersive and intimate, and frankly there’s no one else doing a podcast quite like Hormonal. I’m excited for listeners, who might just be casual users of the app, to find out more about what Clue can offer. I’ve learned so much since starting this project, and I hope listeners will, too!”