Spotify Explains How to Make Your Own Podcast Playlists

Spotify announced that in the true spirit of Audio First, Spotify users can combine music and podcasts on the same playlists. Previously, playlists were exclusive to music.

With this recently released, frequently requested functionality, users can build playlists of podcasts, or add podcasts to existing playlists for a mixed-media experience. Users can also set up a playlist or multiple podcasts in a row – perfect for the long drive or maybe a run – or integrate their favorite songs with news, comedy, or sports podcasts.

Spotify points out that these new opportunities for creativity are as easy as making a playlist full of music. Those who want to learn how to do that can follow a step-by-step guide that Spotify put together to walk users through the process. Once you finish making a playlist of both podcasts and music, you will see that new playlist under the “Playlists” tab in Music.

It should be noted that if you are using Spotify on your computer desktop, you can stream the playlist you’ve made on mobile that include podcasts. You cannot, however, make a playlist with a podcast in it from your desktop – yet.