Con Before the Storm Reveals World of Podcasts 2019 Panelists

Con Before the Storm is a fun event for fans of games made by Blizzard Entertainment. Every year since its beginning, Con Before the Storm takes place the night before the first day of BlizzCon. It includes the World of Podcasts event which has several  panels that include podcasters, streamers, and content creators who are there to talk about some of Blizzard’s games.

This year, there will be one panel, called Pod Before the Con that will be presented live on Twitch. Tune in from home on October 27, 2019, at 7pm ET. This panel includes:

  • Frazley – FrazlCast
  • Ali – All Things Azeroth and BlizzMates
  • Berzerker – Unshackled Fury
  • Klanker – Tauren & Goblin
  • Gerissar – Technically PvP
  • FrosteeFox – Frozen Fox Media

The other five panels will take place at Con Before the Storm on the second floor of the Anaheim Hilton, on October 31, 2019.

Blizzard Panel

  • Garret Weinzierl – The Angry Chicken and Into the Nexus
  • Perculia – Director at Wowhead
  • Terran Gregory – Cinematic Director for World of Warcraft
  • JR Cook – Co-Founder of BlizzPro, host of Well Met!, host of PodcastYo
  • Thyst – Co-host of Lagging Balls and Convert to Raid
  • Dredscythe – BlizzPro Diablo Site Manager, Host of Scythe and Shield: Rebirthed

Hearthstone Panel

  • Jocelyn Kearney – Co-host of For Azeroth, and The Gamers Inn
  • Mageadeath – Co-Host of Doctor 3
  • Andrew Brown – Host of The Happy Hearthstone
  • Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss –
  • Botticus – Hearthstone writer and editor at The Tavern Blawg
  • Steve Lubitz – Host of Off Curve

Overwatch Panel

  • Totemlydrunk – Host of OWLNshow, Heroes Never Die, and OWL By the Numbers
  • Ramses – Podcast host at Mash Those Buttons Network
  • Ednar – Host of Heroes Never Die, and OWL By the Numbers
  • D – Host of Omnic Weekly
  • Blevins – Host of High Noon Podcast and Preediction

World of Warcraft – BFA Panel

  • Pat Krane – Convert to Raid
  • Towelliee – Twitch Streamer Trollinghigh
  • Max (Limit GM) – GM/LR of Limit, Twitch Streamer
  • Raven – Co-Host of Girls Gone WoW
  • Shoeboots – Merely a Setback
  • Jason Lucas – Co-Host of The Starting Zone

Warcraft Classic Panel

  • Josh Corbett – Countdown to Classic
  • Athalus – Warcraft Radio
  • Platinum – Platinum WoW on YouTube
  • Melderon – Defcamp & Melderon TV on YouTube
  • Defcamp – Defcamp & Melderon TV on YouTube
  • Ayle – Twitch Streamer Ayle Gaming