NPR will Consolidate its Two Apps into One

Current reported that NPR will focus on promoting a single app for its content beginning in 2020 with a new app powered by NPR One’s technology. It appears that the reason for this change is because some people were confused about the two NPR apps. NPR hopes to start testing versions of the app by May of 2020.

NPR now offers two apps: the audio-focused NPR One, which merges national and local newscasts, news segments, and podcasts into a personalized stream; and the eponymous NPR app, which presents written news stories along with a live station stream and on-demand audio.

Both of those apps are going to merge together using the NPR One technology that combines local and national content. NPR said it aims to simplify the experience for users searching for their digital apps.

The app could include station podcasts and livestreams, and NPR is looking into creating “enhanced editorial tools” that could give stations more control over the app’s content. Other possible features include “pre-localization”, with the station-branded content and livestream already loaded on the app based on the user’s location.

This situation can serve as a lesson for podcasters who have created apps that go along with their podcast. If you are going to make one, it is important to ensure that your current listeners – and potential new ones – will immediately know that they located the right app. There doesn’t seem to be any good reason for podcasters to make two apps when one will do quite nicely.