Blubrry Pro-Production Services

Blubrry has launched the Blubrry Pro-Production Services.

Blubrry Pro-Production is now available for all hosting customers to help them launch their podcast or as they word it put one’s show on Autopilot. With a dedicated team that is assigned to each client. This is a unique offering in the podcasting space and the first we know to be a complete solution. A host really only at this point needs to focus on the content and the Blubrry Pro Production team essentially does the rest.

As they ramp up spaces are limited and available by application only, with just 15 spots for launches/relaunches and 50 spots available for auto-pilot, show transfers. If you look at the value the team is bringing and the time savings they will bring to the table this is a unique opportunity to offload a lot of work

Kate and the Blubrry Pro-Production look forward to hearing from you. Some of the Blubrry Pro-Production teams talking points.