Spotify Users in the U.S. Can Now Play Podcasts Through Alexa

Spotify announced that Spotify users in the United States will be able to ask Amazon’s Alexa to play their favorite podcasts, simply by using their voice. This is now available for Spotify Free and Premium users in the U.S.

First, make sure to set Spotify as your default podcast and music provider in your Alexa settings. Then, all you have to do is call out, “Alexa, play The Joe Budden Podcast on Spotify,” or whatever podcast you want, to start enjoying podcasts on your Spotify account. It’s a seamless way to listen to your favorite podcasts, no hands needed.

In addition to requesting a specific podcast, users will be able to ask to restart an episode and pick up from where they left off in their Spotify app with Alexa just by saying, “Alexa, play the (podcast name) podcast. They can also request the latest episode, navigate to the previous or next episode, and even navigate by podcast time frame.

Spotify has been integrated with Alexa for over two years. Previously, Spotify users have been able to ask Amazon Alexa to play music, like their Discover Weekly or Today’s Top Hits playlists, but not podcasts. This new feature makes it possible for users to ask Alexa to play podcasts.

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