Omny Studios Embed Player Now with More Languages

Omny Studio announced that its embed players, that are used around the world, are now available in multiple languages.

With the help of our impressively multilingual team, we enabled a number of new translations for the Omny Studio embed players over the last month. Translated player will be applied automatically based on the default language of the user’s browser.

Languages Include:

  •  English
  • French (Continental French and French Canadian)
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Japanese
  • Malay
  • Hebrew (with proper right to left text display)
  • More languages are coming, including Arabic

There were some interesting things they had to work out with certain languages. For example, the Japanese language version of the Omny Studios embed players say “Powered by Omny Studio” in English. This is because their translator said it looks more natural if those words remained in English.

Another interesting thing involves the progress bar. On Omny Studio embed players for languages that are read right to left, the progress bar still goes left to right. This decision was made because both Google and Spotify guidelines recommended it “as they refer to the direction of the tape being played, not the direction of time.”