PRX Announced TRAX – A Podcast Network for Tweens

PRX, the pioneering public media organization that produces and distributes iconic audio programming heard by millions, announced TRAX, a network of original podcasts for preteens and teens ages 9-13 years old.

Funded by a $1.6 million grant to PRX from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, TRAX will feature free, on-demand audio content that is enriching, entertaining, and diverse in genre, format, style and voice. The network will launch in 2020.

PRX has developed the network with guidance from Peabody Award-winning Gen-Z Media, one of the top publishers of high-quality audio content for youth and their families. Gen-Z produces and curates acclaimed podcasts spanning from action-adventure to science education, including Pants on Fire, Tumble, Molly of Denali, and Earth Rangers.

TRAX will feature podcasts from Gen-Z Media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Cocotazo Media, and members of the team behind Night Vale Presents, and more.

Veteran producer Michelle Smawley will lead TRAX as its executive producer. Smawley has produced and developed programming featured on NBC, PBS, CBS, and A&E. Formerly an instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Smawley has also served as a reporter for KBIA in Missouri.

“TRAX intends to broaden the possibilities of audio for preteens and teens – an under-served audience – with bold programming that can also be trusted by parents and caregivers,” continued Hoffman. “We’re grateful to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting for their support.”

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  1. This is an amazing idea to provide content for tweens and teens. I’d love to see this be a repository for tween/teen produced content. I’d also like to see it go up to age 14 as that is the typical upper age for 8th grade. Thank you for getting this started. I look forward to hearing more as the project progresses

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