Castro Wants to Help Podcasters Grow their Podcast on Castro

Castro describes itself as “an app for today’s broad-minded podcast enthusiast”. It is an app that is available for download on the App Store. (It does not appear that Castro is available for Android). Castro wants to help podcasters grow their audience where they are already listening by promoting their podcast on Castro.

There are three options for podcasters who want to grow their audience in Castro:

7 Day Promotion:

  •  $99 USD
  • Displayed in all categories
  • 12.5K to 15K impressions*

15 Day Promotion:

  •  $199 USD
  • Displayed in all categories
  • 25K to 32K impressions*

30 Day Promotion:

  •  $399 USD
  • Displayed in all categories
  • 50K to 64K impressions*

The asterisk connects to a portion of Castro’s Terms of Sale information. It says: “Estimated performance of promotions are updated from time to time based on current promotion performance, your promotion performance may vary. Impression rates vary over time, and subscription rates are affected by the perceived value of your podcast.”

Other parts of Castro’s Term of Service include:

Once you purchase a promotion, it must be approved by Castro before it goes live, which typically occurs within 1 business day when inventory is available. Castro reserves the right to reject a promotion for any reason, such as (but not limited to) billing issues, quality concerns, or content.

If your promotion is not accepted, your payment will be refunded if possible, with the refund pro-rated if the ad has already run for a portion of its purchased duration.

All sales are final. No refunds.

I was unable to find any more details about what else Castro may be offering podcasters who want to grow their podcast on Castro. I’m also unclear on how Castro intends to make it clear to podcasters how many impressions they received. Those who wish to purchase a promotion plan must click on a link on the Castro website and fill out a two page form with their information.