Audioburst Introduces Audioburst Creators

Audioburst has introduced Audioburst Creators. It allows broadcasters and content creators to easily reach out to a wider audience and engage new listeners. You can join Audioburst Creators by signing up through the Audioburst website. It is also possible to request a demo.

Here are some things Audioburst Creators can do for your podcast:

Distribute: Expose your content to search engines and applications.

Audioburst’s technology automatically indexes and segments your show to create snippets, or what they call “bursts”. They then surface the best moments from your shows to new audiences on mobile apps, smart home devices, and in-car entertainment systems. With Audioburst Analytics, you can track user engagement and the distribution of your content.

On-demand: Extend the shelf life of your content.

Audioburst’s extensive library of short-form audio clips is centered around metadata tagging, making your content searchable by keyword. Bursts always link back to the source, making sure new listeners know where to find you. Content creators also get access to Audioburst’s Creators portal, a powerful product where you can edit your content and promote your brand on social media channels.

Monetize: Discover new revenue resources.

Bursts are easily searched, shared, credited, collected and linked to their original source, so your content has the ability to reach new heights. Discover new ways to distribute and monetize your content through promotions, sponsored playlists, and personalized offers.